Our Happy Customers

Amazing Product!


In only 2 days, I witnessed an 80% improvement in my 14 year old dog. Weeks later and continuing to give her a full capful every day, she now exhibits no signs of pain or stiffness. I wish I had put her on this product years ago!  - Joanne T.

Run Around and Jump


The results have been amazing!! Since being on your product, she can literally run around and jump up on the chairs without hesitation. I HAVE to put this down to your product, there is no other explanation for the difference. - Geoff & Linda C.

I Approve, His Vet Approves


Since discovering Liquid-Vet, my lil boy, Chopper, has been so much happier. He’s approaching 10 years of age and this has helped with his discomfort in his joints as he gets older. I approve, his vet approves, and we are continuing to purchase so he can reap the benefits. - Michelle S.

No Surgery


Wanted to tell you how we got a second chance with our 13 year old lab Emma. After only a few months on your product she is now managing stairs on her own without any surgery. - Gerald W.

Back to Being her Old Self


I am on my second bottle of Liquid-Vet. I have an older horse that is an easy keeper and went through a case of founder. I used your Liquid-Vet, put her on a diet ,and after a week and a half she was back to being her old self.  - Stefan L.

Best Thing I Ever Did


Have just tried Minnie on Liquid-Vet and its the best thing I ever did for her. Minnie has had mobility issues since a young age due to an incident before we adopted her. She’s been on that for 3 weeks now and runs around like a kitten. I’m sure it’s the best she’s ever felt for most of her life. - Jane B.

Our Videos

What better way to see how Liquid-Vet works than see it in action? Check out this video of Gracie, a 14-year-old yellow Lab running around with her younger sister.

Learn more about our Liquid-Vet Formulas in this short 2 min video.

Learn the answers to common questions regarding our Made in USA Liquid-Vet Formulas in this short 2 min video.

"Midas has to eat upright and can only have a liquid slurry. It was so hard to find all the supplements he needs available in a way we can give to him. We found your Liquid-Vet line and just about cried. Since feeding Liquid-Vet, Midas gets so excited to eat now that he dances when he sees his food bowl!" - Stacey M. 

Murphy the Liquid-Vet Rotti meets a Florida manatee for the first time!